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Brickvention Online 2021

MOC Competition Guidelines


Welcome to the first Brickvention ONLINE public competition!
To enter your own LEGO Creation in our national competition please read on.

What is the Brickvention Online competition?

Brickvention is Australia’s Premier LEGO Fan convention and is hosted in Melbourne, Australia each January. Over 300 LEGO artists and Adult Fans of LEGO attend Brickvention as exhibitors each year, displaying some of the world’s most amazing LEGO Creations. This year in response to the world pandemic, Brickvention is 100% online. This online incarnation of Brickvention has made way for all budding MOC artists to submit their very own MOCs (My Own Creation) for the first time!

By entering the Brickvention Online LEGO MOC Competition, you go in the running to take home some epic LEGO prizes thanks to LEGO Australia and mark your name in Brickvention history as one of the best builders Australia has to offer.

To exhibit your creation at Brickvention Online you must meet the following requirements:

1. Create an original LEGO Model of your own creation

All LEGO creations submitted to Brickvention must be original designs. (not sets with instructions). We do not accept submissions that relate to or promote violence, war, religion or politics.

You must be the original creator (or parent/guardian of the creator) of all creative work submitted (the model, images, photographs, description text, etc.) and you must have the exclusive right to submit your model to Brickvention Online.

You agree not to upload images that belong to someone else as a part of your entry, even if that person gives you permission.

Collaborative entries are permitted, however when judging will be viewed as one entry, and should this entry be successful, it will be up to the entrants to divide the prize.

2. Create a LEGO model made of LEGO

All LEGO creations displayed at Brickvention Online must be made of LEGO, or other LEGO products such as Duplo or Primo, or be digitally constructed in a LEGO based digital design platform. These design platforms include: Lego Digital Designer,, Mecabricks, LDraw, MLCad, LDD to POVRay, Bluerender.

3. Enter the competition only once

You may enter Brickvention Online only once per person. We understand that some families with multiple members will use the same social handle to display their entries. This is acceptable, however each individual entry must be built by a unique entrant and this can be stated in the submission form and image when tagged on its chosen social platform. Make the most of your entry and submit your BEST and most thought out LEGO model. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

4. Be a human

Brickvention Online is only open to Human contestants of any age.

Adult/guardian permission is required for entry to promote quality LEGO creations and to comply with child safety policies. This competition is shared via the social platforms Instagram and Facebook. If you are under 13 years of age, you must have your entry submitted by a parent or guardian to be eligible.

5. Fill out the entry form at

To ensure you have completed your entry, you must fill out the form on Please ensure you follow all entry instructions to be eligible for the competition.

6. Upload your entry to Facebook or Instagram.

You’re able to upload up to 10 photos/videos in a single post on Facebook or Instagram about your one entry. Remember, less is more when it comes to LEGO MOCs so think about your entry and the story you wish to convey.

Here’s a useful way to caption your entry so the Brickvention Online judges can easily identify you.

Here is my entry for #brickvention ONLINE 2021!
Name of MOC (as per my form submission):
Builder Age:
#brickventiononline #LEGO

Please note, we can only accept entries uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.


Brickvention Online is a fun and engaging way to put your creativity into play. We’re a not for profit community of LEGO loving volunteers and wanted to share our joy with everyone. Thank you for taking the time to build with us! We hope to see you at Brickvention 2022.