Competition Winners

We would like to say a HUGE thanks to everyone that entered our first national online build competition for Brickvention Online! 

It was a tough job for our judges but here are the list of winners and commendations. And remember you can still check out all the builds.


“Oh big tower” by William 

“My Lego Planets” by Evangeline

“LEGO City Rainbow World” by Thomas

Grade 4 to Grade 6:

“Brick Stein’s cooking adventures” by Erin

“Shark Cove” by William

“Magnificent Rainbow Apartment” by Sophia


“Rocky Mine Ride” by Karll

“The COVID Classroom (our 2020 adventures in homeschooling)” by Marika

Prep to Grade 3:

“Echidna” by Huon

“My Ultimate LEGO Off-roader” by James

“TARDIS” by Amelia

High School:

“Just a usual day in the city” by Liam

“Dungeons and Dragons Demons” by Lachlan

“Star Wars: Umbaran Starfighter” by Felix


“The Space Pirates of Phillip Island” by Simon”Garbage Pail Kids” by Melissa
“The Experiment” by Lee
“Temple Escape” by Sam
“Flinders Street Station” by Fleur
“night parade of demons” by Rokan

Thank you LEGO Australia for the awesome prizes for our winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our
Brickvention Expert Competition!

The winners are:

1st Place

Donna Went – The Magical World of Harry Potter in LEGO

2nd Place

Dave Holder  – Life Size Pokemon

3rd Place

Dave Box – Tortoise Life